Full service wedding planning

Every couple wants their wedding day to be a 100% success. You obviously want to avoid additional costs, although the value of you own time is rarely taken into account. You probably already considered the costs of the wedding dress and suit, thought of the wedding rings and the DJ services prices.

But what is the cost of your free time, your calmness, your feeling of security and positive emotions?

The process of planning a wedding can vary in duration – from a month or even a few weeks to a year. During this time, each couple is faced with similar questions, the answers to which we already know.

Full service wedding planning includes:

Personal wedding organizer
Personal wedding organizer, who will plan your wedding every step of the way, make all your calls, search for venues, ceremony locations, celebrants, source reliable suppliers and communicate with them in person, by phone and e-mail (including organization of meetings, tasting, requesting quotations, etc.). The wedding planner is the main contact person for all hired staff, who knows each and every little detail of a wedding scenario and has a complete picture of the celebration.

Individual wedding style
Selection of all required services (from the venue of wedding ceremony and reception to the pads for the rings and name cards) in accordance with the chosen style and wedding budget. Original ideas and the development of individual wedding style.

Wedding budget planning
Recommendations for budget planning (We can help you set the priorities without losing track of the budget costs). Professional advice from your wedding planner to make sure your day is everything and more you could dream of.

Wedding consultations
Support and advice in force majeure situations (such as weather-related).

Wedding day coordination
Full wedding coordination on wedding day. Our agency provides full service wedding planning and coordination (from small family celebrations to large events) anywhere in Estonia. We can offer you everything that is available on the territory of Estonia, as well as overseas (for example foreign performers.)

Service cost depends on the event budget:
Wedding budget

up to 25 000 Euros

Service price

10% of the wedding budget

(ie the total amount of all services ordered from our agency)
Wedding budget

Starting from 25 000 Euros

Service price

As agreed

As the wedding is a very personal celebration, we realize the importance of every single detail, including the personal qualities of the wedding planner – it is very important that you click with their personality and can trust their professionalism. Therefore, we are always ready to meet with you personally and discuss details of your upcoming celebration.

Partial Wedding Planning

You have already decided on venue, menu and decorations, but have not yet found a suitable host? You have ideas for decorating the hall, but there is no professional florist who is ready to translate your ideas into reality? Or maybe you are interested in unusual and creative performers or musicians, who will turn your wedding into an unforgettable event?
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Other events

Kui olete pulmakorralduse põhiasjad enda teha jätnud, kuid tervikus leidub veel nõrki lülisid, siis pöörduge meie poole. Restoran on olemas, ent puudub õhtujuht? On idee, kuid puudub lilleseadja? On kondiiter, kuid tahaks inspiratsiooni? Teil on tekst, kuid te ei tea, kus saaks kutseid trükkida? Unistate tseremooniast, mis oleks nagu filmis?